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Throwback Dance Edtion Mini Pack (Track List In Description)


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1 month 11 days ago

1.DJ YAN – Aaron Ambrose – Crazy Thing (Dance House) 125 Bpm Clean
2.DJ YAN – Boiler – Sweet Love (Dance Club House) 120 Bpm Clean
3.DJ YAN – Inna Feat. Marian Hill – Diggy Down (Redrum Twerk) 82 Bpm Clean
4.DJ YAN – Inna Feat. Pitbull – Good Time (Afrobeat Moombah) 128 Bpm Clean
5.DJ YAN – Parisa Ft. Sabrina G, T.Nola, El Rey – Pop Pop Kudu (Dance Redrum) 127 Bpm Clean
6.DJ YAN – Real McCoy – Come And Get Your Love (90s Dance Redrum) 108 Bpm Clean
7.DJ YAN – Sean Paul – Bad Inna Bed (Afrobeat Dancehall) 94 BBPM Clean
8.DJ YAN – Stevie B. Ft. Pitbull – Spring Love 2013 (Moombah wHype) 128 Bpm Clean
9.DJ YAN – Victoria Kern vs Criminal Vibes – Gimme More Calabria (2021 Party Mash-Up) 128 Bpm Clean
10.DJ YAN – Village Girl – Kick It (Dance Bounce) 127 Bpm Clean


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