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R&B Old School (90s 80s 2000’s) Track List In Description


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7 months 29 days ago

1.DJ YAN – Brandy – Best Friend (90s R&B Redrum) 95Bpm Clean
2.DJ YAN – Intro – Love Thang (90s R&B Redrum) 100Bpm Clean
3.DJ YAN – Janet Jackson – Miss You Much (80s R&B Redrum) 115Bpm Clean
4.DJ YAN – Johnny Gill – Rub You The Right Way (90s R&B Redrum) 111Bpm Clean
5.DJ YAN – Lutricia McNeal – Perfect Love (Hype Break Redrum) 100Bpm Clean
6.DJ YAN – Lutricia McNeal – Perfect Love (Workout Redrum) 100Bpm Clean
7.DJ YAN – Sara Connor – Bounce (Workout Redrum) 95Bpm Clean
8.DJ YAN – Silk ft. Keith Wseat – Happy Days (90s R&B Redrum) 95Bpm Clean
9.DJ YAN – Tatyana Ali – Boy You Knock Me Out (90s R&B Redrum) 95BPM Clean
10.DJ YAN – Zhane – Hey Mr. D.J. (90s R&B Redrum) 101Bpm Clean


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