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Do I need an account to purchase edits?
No you do not, But setting up an account is quick & easy and once you do you can retrieve your downloads at anytime.
My MegaPack downloaded quickly with just a link inside the zip file, Is the file bad?
No for Big packs like the “MegaPack” we insert A link in the downloaded zip file to our google drive account. Just open up that Zip file and click the link that’s attached (or copy & paste) the URL into your web browser.
Do I get my purchase instantly?
Yes you do. You can find them under “My Account” and in your email conformation
I checked out as a guest and cant find my download link, What do I do?
When you checkout as A guest you will receive the download link at the email you provided during the checkout (Sometimes gets sent to your spam or promotions folder).
What if my download link wont work?
On the rare occasion they don’t just Email us the title of the track and your order # and we will email it to you.
What info does remixplanet get from me if I make an account?
The only thing we get from you is what you filled out during the registration process.
Do you store my payment information?
No, All payments are made in paypal so we do not take and or ask any financial info
Are all the downloaded edits mp3?
Yes they are, For the sample you hear on the site it is uploaded it 128KBPS or lower, The download you get will be at the highest bit rate of 320KBPS
What Does the (VAR) mean In the BPM section?
VAR is used on the site as ” variation ” you will see that for most of the packs or megapacks. Meaning with all the different songs in that pack we cant just add a Single BPM
I tried to use the (BULK DOWN-LOADER) to retrieve my order but it did not work
When using the “bulk download” feature we recommend that you do so with 20 edits or less either split it up or download 1 at a time.

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